Treatsie July Unboxing!

Hey everyone! Today I want to share my first unboxing post!  It's all about Treatsie! Never heard of them? That's okay!  Treatsie is a monthly subscription box filled with delicious artisan treats ranging from $19/mo. (including shipping and handling) - $203 annually!  Obviously I simply chose the $19/mo., because well..  Let's face it, I've got less Jack than a deck of playing cards! I was able to search for coupon codes online to bring the $19/mo price down to $9.95 for this month only ( I highly recommend going that route if you're on a tight budget!). I ordered it before July 11th so I was eligible for this month's box, so naturally I couldn't contain my excitement to get a box of delectable treats, so this caused the short 2 week wait to feel like an eternity! I am happy to announce that I received my box today and have tested them all out for you already- you know, in case it was poisonous? ;)

To sign up for your very own box, I've provided my referral link for easy access!


Trail Mix Tennessee ToffeeThis toffee is made by slow cooking butter and pure cane sugar until golden brown, then adding nuts and sunflower seeds, along with dried cherries and raisins for an addictive combination of sweet, salty, and a touch of sour!

Rating: B+
I absolutely LOVE original Toffee so I ripped into this as soon as I read the title! Of course, I only read "Toffee" before tearing open the bag and, thus, I was thrown off by the sweetness of the cherries!  With the subtle flavor of nutty trail mix in the blend it felt like a healthy snack, so I won't complain ;) I plan on finishing this bag within the next three days!

It only took one day :-3


 Salted Caramel Cookies: Brown sugar butter cookies topped with sea salt are Wackym's Kitchen's most popular flavor to date. Crispy caramel delights in every salted bite.

Rating: A++OMGICAN'TSTOPEATINGTHEMTHEY'RESOGOOD!!! These are by far the best butter cookies I've ever had!  You will probably be seeing me buy quite a few in bulk someday very soon. Everyone will be getting a pack of these as stocking stuffers from me this year! Seriously, they're the best! If you love salty sweets combined with a hint of caramel, these are definitely for you! May I suggest pairing them with a cup of evening coffee or tea as a dessert? Mm mm!

Margarita Cookies: Fresh lime and sea salt are added to a crunchy, buttery cookie for a delicous, margarita-inspired sweet and savory treat

Rating: A++
WOW! These are GOOD! They hold true to their name! Salty with the right amount of sweetness to still make them considered a cookie! Plus side of this? Bits of lime zest in every bite, to make you feel like you're really sipping on a Lime Margarita! Delish!


Cherry, Strawberry, Mango: These chewy fruit strips are handmade in small batches and only use natural, wholesome ingredients. The fruit has been freeze dried at its ripest, which creates the freshest fruit flavor.

Rating: Meh|
I was NOT impressed with these. I only took a bite out of the cherry flavor, but as soon as I did, I regretted it... These aren't your usual Twizzler licorice sticks. Made with all natural ingredients, these had more of a very thick fruit roll up texture and the cherry flavor reminded me that of something you would take so your parents would stop bickering about the nasty cough you had while you were sick. Not ideal... I haven't tried the strawberry or mango flavors yet, though, I'm a bit hesitant now. I may have to give these to a friend who would enjoy them a bit more. Sad.

I was very impressed with my first box. $19 may be a bit pricey, but you help out small, independent businesses
, and Treatsie has a lot of discount codes for their boxes, especially if you refer your friends!! Not only that, but they even have a store that sells each sweet you get in your box. Each review of a product in the shop adds an extra point to your account and every dollar spent (including the subscription box) adds a point to your account as well! For every 100 points earned that's 10 points to redeem! And you can cancel your subscription at anytime!! The one annoying thing for me was the website, itself.  It seems to be compatible with certain browsers.  If you don't have the right browser, you may find it difficult to wander around on the site.  I hope they fix that because it's most frustrating.

Discussion starter for the readers
  • Do any of you subscribe to Treatsie?
  • What are your thoughts on the July box?
Can't wait to hear your responses! :)

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