S'mores Ice Cream

Hey guys! I'm back with another food post!! In celebration of National S'mores Day (August 10th), I've decided to make another treat for you this year! S'mores Ice Cream!!  I originally found the idea in a Rachel Ray magazine , but I didn't like their way of "toasting" the marshmallows and the fact that there wasn't any chocolate IN the ice cream itself so I changed it up.  Now, I never measured any of my ingredients- I just made everything and eyed out how much based on how delicious the ice cream looked after adding the ingredients.  So if you have any questions please, don't hesitate to ask away! :)

What you'll need:

Vanilla Ice Cream
Graham Crackers
Mini Marshmallows
Hot Fudge - not heated

Step 1: You'll need a lot of Vanilla Ice Cream, you could use your whole carton of Vanilla Ice Cream if you don't want to dirty up a whole pan, but just keep in mind how much marshmallow, graham crackers and chocolate you'll need if you do that.  Pull your Ice Cream out of the freezer and let it sit until it softens quite a bit.

Step 2: In RR's recipe they call for toasting the marshmallows at 425 degrees for 1 - 2 minutes.  I found that that did not work...they didn't turn golden until around 15 minutes later and by that time they had puffed up way too large and melted together making one gigantic marshmallow. Don't do that.  Turn on your broiler instead and toast them 1-2 minutes or until their the color you'd like them to be.  Once they're a nice shade of toasty let them cool for a few minutes.

--While everything is softening or cooling, it's a good time to crumble some grahamies. In a large cereal bowl just start crumbling the crackers away with your hand. All shapes and sizes are welcomed for this ice cream!

Step 3: Once your vanilla ice cream is nice and stirrable (is that a word? Hmm..), dump in your marshmallows in and stir! If you were like me and had all of your marshmallows stick together, just break those gooey-deliciousnesses apart and stir in a few at a time so they don't try sticking together in the ice cream.  Once you feel that there is enough toasted marshmallow in your ice cream, add the graham crackers and then see if you need more marshmallow. There is really no wrong way of doing this step. Alternate every so often =) (Just make sure to save some toasted marshmallow and graham crackers to garnish later at the end)

Step 4: After you have your Marshmallows and Graham crackers stirred in. Swirl in the COLD hot fudge. Don't stir too much or it'll just become chocolate ice cream. I added about 3 tablespoons into my ice cream and made a swirl-look.

Step 5: Now that every other step is complete, you're ready to garnish! If you have left over toasted marshmallow, sprinkle them on top with big chunks of Graham Crackers and then drizzle some hot fudge on top. Cover and freeze for 2 hours!

I'd say that this recipe is good in the freezer for about a week until the Marshmallow starts to get super soft from the ice cream and the freezer started to change the taste. But this could be different for everyone considering on how well you cover your carton or pan.

If you're not an Ice Cream fan why not try my other S'more recipe? I make that one for every party we go to because it's quick and delicious! :)

~~*If you make these recipe, I'd love to see how yours turned out! Just tag me on Instagram @sandandcities or use the hashtag #StephsNationalSmoresDay

I hope you enjoyed this and I hope I haven't confused anyone with my crazy directions. AGAIN  If you have ANY questions on either of these recipes, please don't hesitate to ask, I'm here to help :)

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