The Multistick by Bite Beauty

If you're familiar with Influenster, then you'll know exactly how I was able to obtain three of these beauties to try out.  If not, I'm here to explain it to you! I recieved my Multistick by Bite Beauty voxbox complimentary thanks to Influenster! Influenster is a FREE word-of-mouth marketing social media site, which means that it relies heavily on its users to promote companies' products by sending them boxes for free. The "catch" is that you must review an honest opinion of whatever they send out to you, on your social medias and/or the companies websites. To help you keep track of how to review, they give you a list of activities to do, and in turn it helps you receive badges that will let you qualify for future boxes. It's honestly one of the bests sites out there.  For awhile, however, I was beginning to feel left out.  I felt as though I was doing a lot of work, reviewing products I've bought on my own, making lists, posting photos, and answering surveys as much as I could, and still never receiving any qualifications for a box... I almost gave up on the site... Until I qualified for this.  THIS right here is what has given me hope again. The Multistick by Bite Beauty!

BiteBeauty is available exclusively at Sephora, so it's a pretty big deal for Influenster to send these out to those who were lucky to qualify.  I am not, by any means, a makeup artist- I hardly know how to do my own make up- and you will see on my Instagram just that. This is an honest opinion in my own words, what I think about this product, in case anyone is on the fence about spending ridiculous amounts of money on makeup.  Here it goes!

 I received my Influenster box about a month or two ago and I was super excited to play with the three shades that were sent to me.

Cocoa - Was too dark of a shade for me, but certainly one I can use as eye shadow, but nothing more, unless I want a 90's goth look on my lips.

Blondie - Was a tan color so I decided that it would be BEST as a contour color, for a nice sun-kissed glow

Macaroon -  is my personal favorite shade, as it was much more versatile for my complexion.  I could use it as an eyeshadow, blush, and lip all in one.

Here, you can see the differences of the shades on my fair complexion. The top photo was without flash and the bottom was done with flash. First time swatcher here, so it got pretty uneven, but the top shade is Cocoa, middle is Blondie, and the bottom shade is Macaroon.

Can you see why I'm a bit hesitant to use Cocoa? I did, however, try it as a contour on my eyelids two weeks ago, and it wasn't bad at all.. The thickness of the stick (that's what she said-- WAHBAM) was hard to apply on the outer lids so I used my finger to smudge it on.  Now, I tend to have oily eyelids and when you use a cream that doesn't always work out, but I never noticed it ever wearing off or creasing, so this formula is already off to a great start!

Now.  If you haven't already guess, the Multistick by Bite Beauty is a silicone-free, pigmented stick that can be used as pretty much anything on your face. It applies like a cream but wears like a powder. It can be worn as a blush, eyeshadow, lipstick, contour-- anything really! The formulas are creamy and smooth, they glide right on, and they don't wear off quickly! Actually it's very hard to wash off:

This was my arm after scrubbing with just soap and warm water. This lets you know how long the product will last on your face for sure!

This breathable, blendable, buildable, formula comes in many universal shades that compliment all skin tones!

In this photo (which you can hardly tell- sorry!) I used Macaroon as a blush and Blondie as a contour.  I avoided Cocoa this time just because I was being lazy.

Overall I think these products are a great idea, especially for traveling purposes.  Did I mention their caps are magnetic, so you don't have to worry about them popping off in your purse and ruining your favorite Michael Kors bag?! It's truly worth the $24, as this company has thought long and hard about this product and how to make it headache-free for everyone! Kudos to them!

~*~Have you tried this product?  What do you think of them? I'd love to hear your thoughts!
~*~If you're interested in signing up to Influenster, use my link so we can stay connected <3

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