My Month of Pure Barre

I usually don't do New Year resolutions, but this year I REALLY wanted to motivate myself to be better.  I wanted to be more independent and healthier.  I know, what a cliche resolution, right?  But it's not about making resolutions, it's about being better than before... My revelation just so happened to fall on the new year ;) . Over the summer I did Soul Cycle, in the city, about once a week to maintain the carb-overload I had taken in from working at a sandwich shop, but once a week did nothing for me but add stress to my already stressful days.  It did, however, motivate me to workout, by spending a ton of money on a class and feel horrible if I ever skipped a day. You know, the typical guilt trip-motivation?...But. It. WORKS!  So with that mindset, I knew I needed to look for a workout class closer to me so I would be able to go more often.  I set out to search for one via Yelp and, to my surprise, I found 3 Pure Barre locations, all within just 20 minutes of my home!

Pure Barre is a 55 minute full-body workout that focuses on hips, thighs, abs, and arms.  It's low-impact, which means it protects your joints by avoiding workouts that involve jumping or bouncing, but still a very fast and very effective way to achieve that dream-bod, by combining moves from Yoga, Ballet, AND Pilates!

The thought of working out in front of strangers terrified me-- at least Soul Cycle was dark enough that people couldn't see my cry, and loud enough so they couldn't HEAR my cries.  This was perfect.  I could work on my independence and my health both at the same time, so I chose the location that had the most convenient time-frame for me (noon ;P).  I was the first to arrive to the class, so I got to meet the owner (who would later be my instructor for my first class x___x) and the receptionist who was in charge of signing me in and letting me know about their deals.  The first class was $15 and there was also a new client package which was $99 for unlimited classes your first month there.  I chose just the $15 class to see how I liked it, and then later signed up for the $99 (they deduct the $15 for that package, anyway).

I cannot tell you how badly this class had kicked my ass. Who would have thought little pulses of movement would be SO effective.  You first start out with about a 10 minute warm-up that also works out your arms with weights (I chose to not use weights for the first half as I have zero upper-body strength, but later grabbed the 2lb for the last half of the arm workout).  The equipment we used were weights, resistant tubes, and a pure barre ball.  The soreness I felt the next day was insane, but it was an amazing feeling, knowing that I'm working on my strength and mindset in just 55 minutes!

What I loved the most were how friendly and personal the instructors are.  They learn your name as soon as you get there, they encourage you to stay motivated, and they keep you going by pointing out what a great form you have with a specific move.  If you can't a move down, they also don't call you out in public shame.  They turn their mic off, whisper to you so only you can hear, and they show you how to get that form perfect, in the nicest and most amazing way possible.  I immediately signed up for the whole month, bought sticky socks (so I never have to slide while planking again!), and downloaded their app so I could easily sign up for classes once they became available to me.

For my fourth class, I even managed to get a friend to try out a Platform class with me.  If you ever sign up for one of their unlimited classes a month package, I ENCOURAGE you to try a Platform class out at least ONCE.  It's Pure Barre on steroids.  If you need a more challenging class, Platform is the go-to!  They use all of the same equipment as a normal barre class, but they add (you guessed it!) a platform for extra cardio work.  You GUYS!  I could NOT handle that class.  At one point I hid in the bathroom, debating if I should stay there for the rest of the class, abandoning my poor friend who hasn't done barre in over 2 years... But I prevailed, and though I will NEVER try that again... It's def a must-try.

I just did my 10th class this past Wednesday (at 5:30am, no less!) and it's getting easier to understand the way barre classes work.  Each class is always different, always challenging your muscles, and always pushing you to do better.  It's been my favorite workout class yet.  I'm very sad that my contract is almost up and that I won't be able to afford the regular monthly package ($225/month), but these classes have shown me that I CAN workout, I CAN handle cardio, and I CAN be better. Never let your couch win! These classes have improved my breathing, my push-ups, my stretching (I can touch my toes again, guys!), and I can even feel muscle in my biceps! In just 3 weeks I've reached a few workout goals, and I've gotten used to doing something on my own.  I have Pure Barre to thank for that!

I hope my post has encouraged you all to get out there and try something new too!  Especially a workout.  Its been the one thing that has maintained my sanity as being a stay-at-home-wife.  Who knows, maybe next month I'll be writing solely about Platform (probably not.) ;P

Day 5 of Pure Barre
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