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Today I want to talk about how broke I am.  I work at an upscale retail store in an upscale town and yet I can't afford to work there.  I have only 3 outfits that would be considered "fashionable" to wear to work (thank you Target!), and quiet a few that I kind of wear and hope they don't say anything about how it's against the dress code.  And while the discount is amaze-balls, most of the clothing items we sell are still too expensive for me.  That's when I started looking for consignment shops and thrift stores in my area.  Sadly, there was about 1 upscale consignment shop near me and there were more Goodwills with an overwhelmingly amount of rails with clothing that was not ideal to wear to my job.  I would have had to travel about 45 minutes to an hour to the nearest consignment shop that sold the items my store sells and that just wasn't for me (although I did go to it once, and found some cute orange paisley pants and elephant earrings, but I digress...).

A few weeks ago I was browsing through YouTube and saw that Ingrid Nilsen posted about an online thrift shop she found called ThredUp.  I immediately noticed how ad-placing it was and realize that the store MUST have reached out to her to make this video, but I still went to their site to check out the hype, because I love Ingrid Nilsen and her recommendations. Funny how marketing works.  It looked really cool.  I could type the store names, designer names, colors, ANYTHING into the search bar and it would find related items.  I, then, got extremely excited when I typed into the search bar my what my job carries and saw that they had quite a few beautiful dresses that were originally $200, in store, for just $30 thrifted! I was able to zoom in on the picture and see where the flaws were at (because, again, these were thrifted items- items people no longer wanted and "sold" them to this site for a little extra cash rather than donating to a goodwill.) and some were a little more worn than others but it was great to know that I could see that before purchasing!

I found a beautiful maroon laced peplum dress from my store.  It must have been from last year as I was able to google the dress and find information on it still. It was perfect. It was stated "like new!" in the description and I couldn't see any flaws.  You guys... this dress had to have been about $168 originally, but it was selling for $33 on the site.  I immediately put it into my cart without hesitation. When I did that, a timer popped up stating that putting an item in my cart allowed me to hold it for 3 hours and no one else could purchase it before then. Essentially, this dress was put on hold by yours truly ^.^  It was reassuring while I did more research before paying.  This site was too good to be true!

(not ThredUp's picture because I didn't think to save it, but this was the dress I found ^.^)

I googled ThredUp to see about reviews, their BBB rating was high, but the reviews were poor.  I made me sad. Everyone stated how awful the pay-back was when they sent their items in, how they received less money than the items deserved or how the company didn't want the three bags of clothing someone sent in to consign.  I also noticed how all of the poor reviews were of people just sending in their clothes and not about buying from ThredUp, so I was still hopeful.

I continued my research and moved onto Instagram where I looked up ThredUp tags and noticed that most of ThredUp tags were of bloggers who had done a partnership with the company but spoke about how much they loved their items.  Now, I know I have a blog and that I'm writing about ThredUp today, but let me tell you...  I decided against reaching out to the company.  I wanted to make this review as unbiased as possible so anyone who reads this can have a calming factor when trying to decide if they should make that ThredUp purchase on the Vera Wang dress or that Anna Sui top they've fallen in love with.

If I'm hesitant on a purchase on a site I'm not familiar with, I always look to see if they accept Paypal, because if they don't: dey sketchy as hell.  To my relief they accepted Paypal-- woohoo!  I went through with the laced peplum dress purchase very nervously. "Well...$33 bucks isn't a total loss if this goes to hell..." I thought as my gut twisted when I clicked the 'proceed' button.  It was a fairly easy check-out process, the confirmation e-mail stated that I'd be receiving my package around Aug 23rd- Aug 27th, which was quite a jump in my opinion...  Unfortunately, it did not come to me around that time.  They sent me a "track my package" link and the date said August 30th... Sigh. It wasn't TOO bad of a delay but it definitely made me antsier because the dates seemed pretty off in the first place.

All-in-all, I'm happy to say I now have the lace peplum dress in my possession (since August 30th) and it. is. GORGEOUS. the flaws are very little.  There's some threading on the inside of the dress but you totally can't see it from an outsiders P.O.V. and it's so minuscule that it won't cause any damage to the dress itself.  I'm definitely going to continue purchasing clothes from this site.  I do hope that ThredUp can resolve the consigning part.  Giving people a little more deserving dollars for the clothes they probably spent hundreds on is nice.

**I think this site is definitely worth checking out. I'm absolutely in love with this dress, and secondhand shopping is great for the environment as well as your wallet.

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