The Wanderlust

Today was exactly a year ago since I first traveled out of the states. My fear of heights extends to flying so it's taken me awhile to travel anywhere outside of my own country, but luckily we had an opportunity (thanks to the in-laws <3)  to take a cruise, and as a means of transportation it really worked out in favor of my wanderlust-heart. We took a cruise on the Disney's Magic Dream, headed towards Nassau, Bahamas and then Disney's private island Castaway Cay (Pronounced Key?).  It was 4 days of a much needed adventure. As soon as we entered the ship, the lobby floor greeted us with magnificent stained glass and chandeliers everywhere. It was like walking onto a disney-themed Titanic! We explored the ship, finding delicious coffee spots with intricate siphon drip machines and a beautifully themed Wreck-It Ralph sweet shop called Vanellope! Once we settled into our stateroom, we met up with the rest of our family at the Cabanas buffet for our first on board lunch! This was available up until the ship set sail, I believe? And after learning about how to safely place life jackets, we all went up to the top deck where they greeted the adults with cocktails in cute souvenir glasses that you could grab (and quickly pay for) as you said farewell the the land dwellers while the ship set sail!

The first day we just spent the day sailing to our first destination and enjoying the sun on the pool deck, in the adults-only section, with strawberry daiquiris and piña coladas. Occasionally there would be a Moët &Chandon champagne stand near the pool, were I actually ended up buying a souvenir glass filled with Moët and strawberries.  In the kids area of the pool deck, there was a big pool with a slide that went OVER the ocean water in a clear tube, leading you to the larger pool where you'd find a giant movie screen playing all of the latest and most popular Disney movies. It was heavenly.

The second day we arrive at Nassau and saw some amazing sights. We didn't stay on the island for too long though, unfortunately.  Just long enough to see some close-to-the-port sights, to photograph literally everything I could, and to buy some souvinirs like conch shells and Tortuga rumcakes!

The third day we arrived at Castaway Cay where we spent the entire day enjoying all the excursions they had to offer.  We biked, scuba'd, tubed, and most of all... hammock'd!  They even had a huge BBQ for lunch!  I ended up red as a lobster and sun poisoned by 5pm, so by the end of the night where they would have had "Pirate Night" on the ship, I was sick in bed and dehydrate as all hell, so I actually missed out on the! Though, luckily, the rooms were great to stay in as well since they had EVERY SINGLE DISNEY MOVIE AND SHOW YOU COULD THINK OF! Again, Heavenly.

The ship itself had a ton to see. On the lobby, there were stores like Tiffanys & Co., Cartier, some gift shops, and other fancy things I couldn't afford.  They had theaters you could watch Disney plays, movie theaters where they played the latest (sometimes before they even came out in theaters elsewhere) and most popular movies for free- we saw Beauty and the Beast there! However, the coolest place on the ship were the District Lounges. AH-FREAKING-MAZING! Between the Pink Room making you feel like you're lounging inside a bottle of Champagne surrounded in bubbly colors of pink and gold, and the Skyline lounge changing the wall scenery to different types of capitols across the world (music following!),  you'd think you were in a Harry Potter series. I wish I had taken photos of everything, but alas, my phone and camera only had a small space of storage leftover.  I'm kind of poor and can't afford new memory but also kind of a hoarder and refuse to delete space off of anything  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The Enchanted Garden Restaurant. First night's dinner.

First night's dinner at the Enchanted Gardens restaurant.

First night's Dinner was Rotissery Chicken on top of mashed sweet potatoes. So ordinary yet so delicious!

Just another delicious food pic

Palo Brunch, a 21 and over restaurant. The buffet came with the entrees that I'll post later once I upload them to my laptop:) )
Palo Dessert we ordered 2 souffles, but Chocolate is my favorite ;) . We went for both dinner and brunch!
These dinners/brunch do not come with the cruise package, you have to add them to your dining :(
Docked at the Nassau Port, aint she purty??
Turn down service came every night while we were away during dinner. They always placed two delicious Ghirardelli chocolate squares somewhere in the room.
We got to stay in a room with a veranda so one of the nights we placed a room service order for a small breakfast the next morning right before the sun rose.  We'd get our coffee and meal ready, bring it out on to the veranda, and just watched the sun rise. Listening to the to waves clash against the ship and feeling that cool, misty breeze was the best way to wake up. 

The lobby of the cruise, I believe this was taken our last night? The views were always so beautiful! 

In the Bahamas, there were horses everywhere.  I believe these were trolleys, a lot looked malnourished and poorly taken care of.  I have more pictures like this, but this was just one that really sank my heart.

His beautiful paintings were all over the sidewalk. 

Casino in Nassau
I don't think I've ever seen actual coconuts on a tree before. I believe this was taken in Nassau?

Conch Shells being sold by the sea.  Many just caught them right there on the spot then sold them to you.

Nasssau, Bahamas

Scuba Diving in Castaway Cay using an underwater disposable camera (can't you tell? haha)

These were just a few of the photos I took on the cruise... I'm actually not finished uploading most of them to my computer even after a whole year.  Haha, oh well, you'll learn in time that I'm an extreme procrastinator. I'll upload more when I can, maybe? If you're interested in seeing more, that is.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful parents who help provide us such amazing vacations.  Our next big journey will be 7 days long... I can't wait to share with you the exciting trip and the photos with you then!  In the meantime I'm currently on a shopping quest for when the day comes <3 I'll be sharing a haul/lookbook for them when I can! I'm so extremely excited to share with you my adventures. Oh the places we'll go! Are you ready?
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  1. Great pictures! I love Castaway Cay and it’s too bad you missed pirate night, but their endless selection of movies is also a really great way to spend time on the ship!

    1. Yes!!! I spent my sick night binge-watching the princess movies 😂 Their movie theater is amazing as well! We’re going back soon and I’m so excited!!