Remembering Drink Company's GoT PUB

Beautiful photo from Drink Company's Instagram

Last Summer, I had the wonderful opportunity of venturing into the Game of Thrones PUB (popup-bar) by Drink Company in D.C. This was very exciting not only because GoT is one of my favorite shows of all time, but I've been dying to get into Drink Company's PUBs for awhile... the lines are insanely long and you have to get there at just the right time to enjoy it or you miss out entirely! We went on a Sunday when the hours of operation were during the day, and an hour before the bars opened. Let. Me. Tell. You... this line was still too long even though we were one of the first people to get into the bar without waiting for someone to walk out! By the time the bar opened up, the line could have wrapped around the place twice. They took our phone number down and for a second I didn't know why, but apparently it was an optional thing to do if you wanted a picture on their throne. I'm so happy I mindlessly did that because it saved us a place in line for a photo-op while we could enjoy the bars without actually waiting in line (a fast-pass, if you will...) 

There were three or four bars in the building, all sectioned off by rooms. They were all GoT themed of different parts of the world.  This bar room was my most favorite. As packed as it was, it felt so calming hearing the soundtrack as you sipped on your expensive Lady Mormont drink.

Everything was so intricate that it's hard to think the pop-up bar was only a temporary thing. All of the hardwork and creativity gone in a few months. This was one of the most crowded rooms since the bathroom was in the far right corner.

We actually only stood in this room for a little while, only to wait for our turn with the throne photos

The cocktails were horrifically expensive but well worth it to get a little tastes of Westeros.

The Lady Mormont (the bear jar drink!) was my most favorite, my second was the Milk Of The Poppy (the drink with the leaf in it) which tasted like the mormont, but had a very strange yet interesting, milk aftertaste to it. 

 All-in-all, it was a very fun time, with some really pretty photo-ops. Drink Company is just so creative with all of their PUBs and I'm just in so much awe with how they make everything come to 

I was really looking forward to their Rick & Morty PUB this season, but alas, it was shutdown...  if you like GWAR, however, they have that running until October 6th.  My next goal is to try to get into their Christmas themed PUB.  I've been trying for two years!! x_x

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