It's A Boy!

Long time no see! Erm... talk? Type? Oh well.. I't s been a long time!! I've been quite MIA since finding out about our big move, not because the move was incredibly stressful (which is was!) but because I found out some crazy news on November 3rd... I'm pregnant! It's taken two years and the last time I had seen my doctor (Oct 3rd) she told me I needed to start seeing a fertility doctor.  Once my body heard those words I guess it kicked into overdrive and figured out what it needed to do on it's own because here I am now, 20 weeks pregnant and so incredibly shocked still.

It's a whole new life to get used to.  Nothing will ever be like it was, and I'm learning to be okay with that.  There are spurts of excitement to see our precious baby boy, but there are spurts of horror thinking about how I'll have to take care of another human being for 18+ years when I can hardly take care of myself, and there are spurts of depression I never thought I'd have during pregnancy - Will I ever go back to my normal body again? Will I be a good mom? Are we even ready for this child? And it's terrifying, but talking to other women who have gone through it just opens my eyes to the fact that so many of us go through these emotions all through pregnancy and barely ever talk about it. There's so much I've learned about myself if the past 20 weeks.

For example, some weird facts about pregnancy I've never heard anyone talk about until I was just 6 weeks along:  Your morning sickness can just be from the lack of food in your stomach. "Snack, snack, snack." was the advice I got a lot. While it added a few extra pounds over my pregnancy weight, I never threw up because of it! & The new problem I have now... Sinus congestion. Ugh. I've been put on antibiotics just to see if it's an infection, but I'm learning that I'm just going to have to put up with this for the next six months, and I can barely breathe. Seriously I'm constantly sneezing, coughing, and just blowing my nose wayyyy too much.  I never knew this was a symptom until reading What to Expect When Expecting app.

There's so much excitement going on though, especially after finding out the gender .  I've been planning out the registry with ungodly expensive items (Sorry! I don't know what I'm doing- I just hear these are the best!), thinking about how to decorate his nursery and learning how to be a mom... it's all so crazy but also so exciting.  One thing I am sad about is that we probably won't be traveling as much as we thought we would moving here....and the fact that I'll be giving birth by myself -but that's another story for another time, I guess.

How far along are you?: 20 weeks

Maternity clothes?: I'm searching, but definitely can't find any I like so far or that's budget-friendly :( just happy my yoga pants still fit me! (And that the hair tie hack works on my jeans haha)

Stretch Marks?: None yet! Hoping it stays that way!

Sleep?: Barely any. I get up almost every hour to pee or blow my nose. I've got purple all under my eyes :(

Movement?: Lots! Mostly at night but he's starting to be active during breakfast hours too lol

Food Cravings?: Java Chip Frapps!! I've had a coffee aversion for so long, I'm shocked that I'm craving it again.  And strawberries have been a go to for a few months!

Food aversion?: Still cooked spinach and the thought of garlic.

Gender: Boy!

Symptoms: Swelling, dear God the swelling! I walk about 4-10 miles a day... Mostly on the weekends unless I need to make a grocery trip sooner, but my legs haven't gotten used to any of the walking I've done this month and they swell so quickly.  Not terrible swelling (the plane ride was TERRIBLE) but it's definitely puffy

Now that I have more time on my hands again, expect to see an update on our living real soon! Until then, look at our lovely picture of our son sprawled out, livin the good life.  He's going to be a handful.

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