Hello 8 Months *A Pregnancy Update*

Whew! This 3rd trimester has been BUSY and very exhausting, mentally & physically.

First back in December, we learned my husband would not be here for the birth of our child.  I had to mentally prepare for that, and I was ready for the adjustment, but somewhere along the way we found out his class had been cancelled and he would be here.  We were so thrilled about it! I made him go with me on one of the hospital tours I booked before knowing he would stay, took him to a Mommy & Daddy class, an OB class, planned out the birthing experience with him, even planned out a babymoon vacation to Ireland since we had more time to prepare for our baby boy... then just two weeks ago we found out his class had been un-cancelled and he'd be leaving in 30 days. Stress ensues.  He's the only one with the drivers license in Germany so now I have to take the class and pass before he leaves in a few days (I was hoping to avoid driving while pregnant so that I wouldn't add any stress on the pregnancy...).  On top of that, we now have a very short time to get the nursery all built, stocked, and ready to go since I'll be the only one here for 2 months and three weeks after the baby is born. It's all very expensive when you have to buy everything all at once, through Amazon, and wait 2 weeks for it to all arrive no matter how fast of shipping you choose. We are so very thankful we have such supportive friends and family back home though.  Mostly, all we need now are diapers, wipes, baby toiletries, a diaper caddy for the changing station, organizational items, some more summer onesies, fans, (it gets HOT in July!), and small stuff like that.

We had some cultural mishaps getting our baby boy's crib together.  Did you know the standard crib sizes are completely different in the UK/Europe vs. America? Yes. So shipping through American Amazon isn't always great when you're having stuff shipped overseas.  There are size and weight limits, so depending on what you order, Amazon won't ship to you.  I know this because I tried ordering a travel system stroller through them and got all the way to the "pay" option and was rejected due to "weird sizing" the stroller was shipped as. So we were recommended by some friends to go to the German IKEA here and pick out a crib. Okay, cool. Done. Forgot to buy the crib mattress *Smh*.  I thought I could order the mattress online... Nope! Because I was ordering through American sites, they only had American standard cribs. Thought maybe I could order through a German site, realized it'd be harder to obtain than ordering through the American sites. ON TOP OF THAT, Our crib size wasn't a standard European IKEA crib size... it was UK, thus making it a LITTLE MORE DIFFICULT in finding the right size for a mattress and fitted sheets. Luckily we found a crib and some sheets at a local baby store by IKEA and bought them immediately, even though none of it matches his nursery theme. Just need to find something to make the mattress a little more waterproof in case of accidents. At least we have a beautiful bassinet he can sleep in for a few months until we can get it all sorted out, but let that be a lesson to all you new pregnant folks overseas!

While we were stressing about getting his room situated. the house unpacked and all cleaned up--we have just one more box to unpack, a mystery box? I'm 95% sure I already unpacked the box, then packed it up again to put into storage but pregnancy brain here doesn't remember, now we have to go through it again-- trying to get a family member to fly out to stay with me for a little while, we took a vacation to Ireland! Dublin to be exact.  The plan was to see Endgame, sight-see all of Dublin, eat my way through cafes, check out Winterfell up north, see the cliffs, GO TO CORK COUNTY AND SEE THE LAST CASTLE MY LINEAGE HAS UP... pretty much everything southern Ireland had to offer.  Alas, I did not realize how pregnant I had become and couldn't handle more than an hour without a pee break, so we had to scratch the long bus trips outside of Dublin off our list until baby is born. The city was so beautiful though, such a multicultural tourist spot! More on that in another post. On our last night in Dublin, I wounded up very sick.  I had just been telling my husband how thirsty I was-- pretty much all week, but it was very prominent the last day, and I just couldn't manage to quench my thirst, it caused my stomach to twist and turn and I decided to skip out on dinner that night.  Later when we got back to the hotel, I ended up vomiting for about 6 hours on and off and the next morning, a few hours before our flight, I was admitted to one of Dublin's finest maternity hospitals due to severe dehydration.  I guess walking around 4-8 miles a day and only having a few glasses of water here and there doesn't do the trick when you're pregnant. Another lesson to be learned!  I was stuck there for 36 hours and had to have 3 IVs of fluid until my vitals finally settle back to normal. The baby was totally fine, however, he was just as active then as he is now. I think he's getting restless and wants out!

I'm 32 weeks pregnant today and my baby is so silly already. All of our family members are shocked to see how active he is, but the doctors ensure me that it's what they love to hear.  If only they could see JUST how active he truly is.  He enjoys 80's hairbands like Motley Cru and Metallica, he prefers the right side over the left, HATES anything on my stomach, and loves pushing his wittle booty out as far as he can.  We can't wait to meet this little guy. Everyone says he's gong to be a handful but I pray that's not the case! Hahaha.

I think that's all I have to update on this pregnancy. In just one month he'll be saying hello to all of you and thanking you all for the wonderful toys and stylish clothes, and books he'll get to read!  We are truly blessed to have such wonderful people in our lives, helping us out as much as possible and trying to make this pregnancy a little easier on us.  I can't believe how loved he is already, not only by us, but by you too! Thank you for sharing this journey with us <3


If you'd like to send us a "baby shower" gift I'll leave our registry links down below, it's a bit messy, I add items to remind myself to buy them later on, so don't feel obligated to buy any of it at all!  You can never go wrong with diapers! My current curiosity is the Pampers Swaddlers diaper, but I'm open to try any diaper recommendations :)

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  1. Wow! You have had a heck of second and third trimester! It will be fun to look back on this post later and laugh about all the crazy shenanigans. On the diaper issue, it's really what works best for you. I used Pampers Swaddlers on Kiddo as a baby and then Pampers Cruisers as he got a bit older. The hospital I delivered at used Pampers Swaddlers and I figured if it's good enough for the Maternity Ward, it's good enough for me. I tried other brands along the way and they all caused massive rash issues, which the Pampers never did (Kiddo got diaper rash occasionally, even with Pampers, but NOTHING like what he got with the other brands). Also, I could only use the Pampers Sensitive wipes. Other brands of wipes gave Kiddo a rash that looked to me suspiciously like chemical burns, though his Pediatrician said it wasn't. One thing to get, if you can find it, and don't have it yet, is a wipe warmer. It does just what it says; it warms the wipes. I know it doesn't sound like it would be all that important, but it made a HUGE difference during changing time (vs using room temp wipes), and when Baby is happy, everyone is happy ;) Each baby is different; each family/home is different. You will discover what works best for your little boy and your family/home, but I hope sharing some of my experiences will be helpful to you. I know you have lots of people you can talk to, but don't hesitate to reach out to me if you have a question or just need someone to cry to about only having 2 hours of sleep, and all you wanted was a Danish, and it fell on the floor. You may not have that exact moment, but you will have moments similar to that. That's okay. Every new Mother has, and if someone says they haven't either they are lying or they were so tired at the time they simply don't remember it. Motherhood is a heck of a ride, but I know you will do great!!!

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